Posted by: northsidepa | June 5, 2016

Latest up date

The high tide this morning didn’t break the bank however the storm surge is preventing the waters from flowing out as fast as we would like. The high winds last night brought down trees but apart from a branch across a power line, some damage to a shed and some trees across the access to the coal wharf entrance there are no blockages to the roads.

The streets and drains off Shoreline Drive are filling up from the high tide as it travels up Limeburners creek and we expect the river to break its banks tonight around 9pm with the the high tide. The high tides tomorrow (9.30am in the morning and 9.50pm tomorrow night) will be the ones we need to keep an eye on as this is when the water from the catchment will start to reach here. Mount Seaview received 264mm last night and a further 60mm this morning so we have a lot of water making its way down the river. Depending on when it gets here, the tides and  the storm the storm surge, as to how severe the flood will be.

At this stage we are looking at a moderate flood at 1.4 mtr so it would be wise to lift any low lying items now. There is a pile of sand and bags at the Fire Station if you need them.

The Ferry’s will keep running however if the flow or debris become hazardous they may be pulled from service. Hibbard ferry will probably go out with the high tides and we are working closely with the ferry contractor and will keep you posted should any outages occur.

We will keep you posted as things develop. Please check on your neighbours and friends to make sure they are OK and ring the SES on 132500 if you need assistance.



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