Posted by: northsidepa | November 9, 2017


A  preliminary meeting was held today with the Mayor, Councillor  Griffiths and Andrew Doig, Acting Director of Infrastructure and Asset Management, to convey our concerns at Friday’s stoppage. The Mayor has organised a higher level meeting with the  General Manager,  relevant Head of Departments, Busways etc. to raise the issues we have discussed for over two years with little result.

They have identified three priorities, the SMS delay, the safe delivery of school students and the traffic snarl at Hibbard ferry. When these are actioned, the Council will hold a community meeting. We will keep you fully informed so come along to the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday,  15th November to hear more. Enquiries to Kingsley Searle, President, M. 04 1961 5509 or Narelle Milligan Secretary. M 0411236124. Em


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