Posted by: northsidepa | December 1, 2017


NSPA was represented by our new President  Carla McKern, VP Kingsley Searle and myself (Secretary) at a meeting yesterday with relevant Heads of Council including the General Manager  and the Mayor following the breakdown of the Settlement Pt. ferry some days ago.

We are pleased that, as a  result of our intense lobbing, the Council is currently trialling the SMS system which was due 1 July this year. They have also developed a set of protocols to ensure smoother communications in times of breakdowns and emergencies.

If there are no more glitches they expect the “opt in” system to  be in place before Christmas. They will also give adequate  warning, as far as possible, of refuelling times and days.

There will be other changes to assist traffic flow so we await these. If you would like more specific detail of the meeting please contact




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