Posted by: northsidepa | November 16, 2018


A resident has warned that a youngish woman from town and  known to police has been  seen on the eastern part of Riverside Dr. It is alleged that money has been taken from a  vehicle, she has trespassed by sleeping in a resident’s unlocked caravan and there’s been one incident of an aggressive attempt to enter a house to obtain money for her habit. The police will come over if there’s evidence.

The resident strongly suggests you don’t offer this woman a lift from the Hibbard ferry and all sheds, caravans, houses etc. should be locked up.  The woman is described as short, “dumpy” with dark hair and a sallow complexion. She tends to come over towards the end of the Centrelink payment period when she runs out of money. As the crime rate here is non-existent or negligible we do get a bit complacent!


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