Posted by: northsidepa | February 6, 2019

Council will trial electronic payment for ferries

The Residents’  Survey contacted by the NSPA last year  indicated that the majority of residents wanted some form of electronic payment although it was thought that some provision  for cash needed to be made. After months and month of  thinking this was in Council’s”Black Hole” we lobbied again and have been told that  a trial will be done March/April. We will advise when we have further details as the Council have  said they have explored options and rejected them but we have no information as to  what and why. It would help if you were to contact Council on “Have Your Say’ and express your own views.

The Council has set up an advisory body called the  Council Community Action team that  held the first meeting of  2019 last night.  The short term  priorities for the North Shore were identified as Hibbard ferry hours ( more needed), a toilet to service both the North Beach and the Coal Wharf area, fuelling of Hibbard outside the opening hours, speeding on the roads,  better services when the ferries are being slipped, determination by Council of “Kangaroo Park” custodianship.

Council will ask the CCAT team to vote on these issues.  Other issues will be prioritised over a longer period which will lead to the Community Plan. The Council Executive is working with Councillors to draw up the Budget for 2019-20 which will go on display for community comment.  Again, we encourage you to “Have Your  Say” and/or to contact NSPA with your views. We meet with the Mayor and the Acting Director Infrastructure in March.


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