Posted by: northsidepa | February 18, 2019

Is the electronic ticketing trial for the ferries a pacifier by Council?

After months of delays by Council staff who were asked by the Director of Infrastructure to explore all options, NSPA sent an email to ask where the survey was at and within two weeks a trial was announced for electronic ticketing. This speed of response   is most unusual for Council  as staff often take months  to set up trials etc. Rumours are circulating to the effect that the ferry operators are worried they won’t get the amounts right. Numerous objections  to electronic ticketing have been raised by the Fleet Manager including the weather.

The Council is trialling square technology, possibly March, April.

YOU ARE INVITED TO THE    NSPA GENERAL MEETING AT THE FIRE BRIGADE ON WEDNESDAY 27 FEBRUARY  2019  at 7PM where this trial and Council’s proposal to use angle parking on our side of the ferry instead of the current arrangement are causing us concern. Tea and coffee will be served.

All are welcome whether or not you’re a member. “A voice unheard is a voice unrepresented”

The Mayor is astonished that cash is still the usual method of payment by residents.

Enquiries to Carla McKern Acting President M. 0412 385 805




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