Posted by: northsidepa | April 4, 2019


Dear Residents and  NSPA Members. A survey has now been done of  “Kangaroo” Park near Ferry Reserve and the report will be sent to Council. It will allow us to know exactly the boundary between the housing blocks  at the back ( no information  on the sale yet) and the front area which is now designated as Community Use by Council.

NSPA won a grant for  historic Coal Wharf Reserve in conjunction with Council last year. The plan is to install a limited amount of tables and seats to make the area more visitor friendly and useful.  There will also be interpretative signage. Council’s landscape architect is now drawing up the design which will be available for you to see.

For  enquiries please contact the Secretary : Narelle Milligan or President: Kingsley Searle or Vice-President Carla McKern  on


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