Posted by: northsidepa | September 24, 2019


Council has confirmed that this will take place on 16 October  2019 and notices have been placed on the boards at both ferries.

A few hints for those of you new to this process:

  • If you haven’t registered for the Council’s SMS now’s the time to do so. Staff has said that we will be contacted immediately if the smaller ferry breaks down
  • An ambulance will be stationed on the North Shore while the Hibbard ferry is towed to Settlement Pt. ( a sight worth watching)
  • Parking is available in “Kangaroo” Park. Many residents leave their cars over the River and walk onto the ferry to the south side
  • Consider car pooling or riding your bikes. A commuter bus service  will run twice a day during weekdays – 6:25 am to 9:00 am and 3:00 pm to
  • Parents of HSC students should subscribe to the  Council’s SMS and have a back up plan if the ferry breaks down. There will be two mechanics available and Glenn Reece who oversights the ferry in Council  has stated that the small ferry is in better mechanical condition than last slipping.
  • Rural Fire Service HQ has given a gloomy forecast for rain i.e. little until January, so if you need water, consider filling up your tanks before the 16th October and stock up your Emergency Shelf in the pantry.
  • In the event of a bushfire on the North Shore, Brigades will come from Crescent  Head etc.

Further enquiries: Kingsley Searle President M. 0 419 615 509 Narelle Milligan Secretary M: 0411236124 T. 65 843 271

Port Macquarie Hastings Council: or call Council on 6581 8111


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