Posted by: northsidepa | February 20, 2020


NSPA ( Kingsley Searle and Narelle Milligan) met with the Council General Manager and the senior Council team involved in emergency management. Council  wanted to hear what happened on the ground with the  storm and suggestions about what they could have done better. Emergency services were involved but didn’t communicate to Council so it was two hours after the event when they heard  how serious the event was.

We requested that the SMS   is used for road closures as well. They agreed to do this.

They are participating in an Emergency Recovery project across several Councils (Federal funding) and invited the NSPA and  North Shore community to be part of the project.

In conjunction with the North Shore  Rural Fire Brigade and  NSPA, Council is working on strategies to improve communication.

Enquiries: President.  Kingsley  Searle. M. 04 1961 5509. Committee.Narelle Milligan. M. 04 1123 6124


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