Posted by: northsidepa | April 9, 2020


Council has agreed to our request as well as  those from essential workers who are residents, to restrict the access to the ferries,allowing residents, essential services and food deliveries only.  The restrictions  will apply to tourists’/visitors’ vehicles as well as motor bikes and dirt bikes. This is in line with the recent NSW legislation that travel must be restricted to control Covid-19. We hope this will keep the drivers safe as the top priority but also control the access to the beach which was very congested last weekend by visitors.

Signs will be placed at the ferries this afternoon and restrictions will start at midnight for the duration of the school holidays.  Council and the contractor will constantly monitor the situation and review at the end of April.

Enquiries: Kingsley Searle M. 04 1961 5509/ Narelle Milligan M. 04 1123 6124


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