Flooding is almost a regular occurence on the north shore of Port Macquarie. But what comes up always goes down (fortunately, fairly quickly) and generally we are a well-prepared community, renowned for its ability to pull together when emergencies strike.
After the serious February flood of 2013 NSPA has worked with the SES to educate residents, develop a Welcome to Residents Kit and a Telephone Tree. The Tree is directly linked to the SES and volunteers will have the most accurate and up to date information of flood warnings, emergencies and/or evacuations and road closures.

Contact the Telephone Tree Co-ordinator: Jim Bignell on M. 04 0745 7797.

If you are new to the area – there are a few key precautions to take:

  • Don’t panic – floods generally happen slowly on the north shore and with plenty of warning.
  •  Obey road closures and DO NOT go sightseeing in your vehicle. The wake from passing cars, no matter how slowly they are travelling, causes even more damage to properties.
  • Move your car to high ground as early as possible. The area west of Limeburners Creek bridge is a high location as is the car park at the beach. Residents are reminded not to block the roads as emergency vehicles need access at all times.
  • Keep a supply of non perishable foods, formula and nappies for young children.
  • Raise or remove all electrical items and anything that may get damaged by rising waters on the ground floor of your property. This includes pets. While the SES is the organisation responsible for the co-ordination of operations during a flood, they are usually busy on the south side of the river and their resources are stretched. Historically, the flood effort on the north side has been carried out by the local Fire Brigade  but they have been ordered not to take out the vehicles in water so we need to be more self-sufficient. If you need sand bags to block your downstairs door, there will be a stock pile and you will be asked to fill  your own if you’re physically capable.
  • Stay tuned to the ABC radio, FM   95.5. our Emergency station, this website and the Bureau of Meteorology for weather updates and flood warnings. In particular, listen for updates on ferry and road closures.
  • If you are concerned about being stranded, leave the area well in advance of the flood. Do NOT attempt to drive or walk through flood waters.

In the event of a flood, we will attempt to post regular updates on this website, by email or our Facebook Notice Board which is northshorecommunity noticeboard. You can subscribe to the website in order to receive these notifications by email.

If in doubt, talk to your neighbours – many of them have  encountered previous floods so they can be  a valuable source of information.

During the flood period the quickest way to contact emergency services is to dial 000 for life threatening emergencies or the SES on 132500.

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