Posted by: northsidepa | March 9, 2018

Survey Return + Tree Planting

NSPA Committee would appreciate the return of your survey by  this Sunday night( 11 March) as we have Council meetings coming up this week. Thank you.

Letter boxes are 90 Riverside, 13 and 1 Shoreline Drs.

We have also purchased some trees and shrubs with some of our Council grant to improve shade etc. at Coal Wharf. If you would like to help tomorrow (10am Sunday 11 March) please em or text M. 0 411 236 124 as we would like to provide a bbq if numbers warrant it.

Posted by: northsidepa | February 28, 2018


The Northside Progress Association Inc. has developed a survey for residents to help us apply for grants for the benefit of Northsiders and to guide us in our consultations with Council and local Members of Parliament. What do we want North Shore to look like in the future, say 10 or 20 years? How do we want to be living?

A letter box drop will be done this week to all houses and you are asked to scan the survey  and return to or  leave it at the following Committee addresses  so it can be tallied:

1 Shoreline Dr.

2. 13 Shoreline Dr

3.  90 Riverside Dr.

If you have any queries please contact the Secretary Narelle Milligan T. 6584 3271/M. 04 1123 6124. Thank you and we look forward to a big response!

Posted by: northsidepa | February 15, 2018


The Council announced yesterday that the SMS text opt in service will commence 1 March. Council will alert us to ferry breakdowns and emergencies.  Contact to register now.

Posted by: northsidepa | February 11, 2018


It has been brought to our attention by one of our Committee that funding for the Bi-Centenary of John Oxley’s exploration of the Hastings will be available through Council to not for profit groups in the coming months.

Interested residents and NSPA have been thinking for some time of a path or trail linking the Coal Wharf to the North Wall. This item will be added to the Agenda  for  this Wednesday, 14 February at 7:00 pm at the Fire Shed, Shoreline Dr.

Posted by: northsidepa | February 5, 2018


The first meeting for the year will be held at the Fire Station on Wednesday 14 February 2018. It will start at 7pm sharp. Agenda includes the Ferry SMS, the establishment of a Community Action Team (CAT) under the SES auspices for emergencies on the North Shore and Council updates on traffic, signs, appointment of a new Director, Infrastructure Services to replace Jeffery Sharp. etc.

All are welcome whether a member or not. Please email if you require further information.

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