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The Riverside Street library will be launched at No 85 on  this Sunday 10 June at 2.30pm. Come for a chat, drinks and nibbles. Let’s celebrate the award from the Council Library to the Northside Progress Assoc. Inc. and the generosity of Anne  Mangeant and Jacques Bernard  who will install the library in their front yard.


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Ferry Slipping Schedule

In a previous post NSPA referred to the provision of morning and afternoon buses during the slipping  as “running as usual”. Council has advised that we will be notified of the arrangements  closer to the time. New residents can be assured that Council planning and communication by them and the Ferries Contractor, William Eades, will be timely and thorough.  For queries please contact the NSPA secretary on T 6584 3271/M. 04 1123 6124 or

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Council has advised that the electronic  trial for the payment of fees on the Settlement Pt. ferry was a success. Congratulations to all involved. We wait for the next step.

Council has announced that the Settlement Pt ferry will be slipped on 16 October this year and the Hibbard ferry will be towed down to replace it. The slipping is at Birdons and will take  6-8 weeks as the ferry condition is never known exactly  until it’s thoroughly checked.

The morning and later noon bus will run as usual but Council refused our request for a lunch time bus on the grounds that the number of  passengers would be insufficient and “it would cost over $11k of community money ” ( the Mayor).

Residents with two cars usually park one on the south side and “Kangaroo” Park near the Settlement Pt. ferry is used for park and walk.

Intense lobbying and a meeting with the relevant engineer at Council has resulted in Council dropping its plan to paint angled parking signs on road at  the north side of the Settlement Pt ferry. It will retain the box arrangement. Common sense has prevailed!

Take up of the SMS service has onlyo been

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After many months of lobbying by Northside Progress Association to Council and Councillors, Council has organised a trial of Square Technology – basically a tap system of payment.  The trial starts this Friday and drivers are  being  trained by Will Eades, the Contractor.

We congratulate the Council for bringing the ferries into the modern era!  Check out the Council website for publicity.

Enquiries: Kingsley Searle President M: 0 419 615 509

Narelle Milligan. Secretary. M 011 236 124

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Dear Residents and  NSPA Members. A survey has now been done of  “Kangaroo” Park near Ferry Reserve and the report will be sent to Council. It will allow us to know exactly the boundary between the housing blocks  at the back ( no information  on the sale yet) and the front area which is now designated as Community Use by Council.

NSPA won a grant for  historic Coal Wharf Reserve in conjunction with Council last year. The plan is to install a limited amount of tables and seats to make the area more visitor friendly and useful.  There will also be interpretative signage. Council’s landscape architect is now drawing up the design which will be available for you to see.

For  enquiries please contact the Secretary : Narelle Milligan or President: Kingsley Searle or Vice-President Carla McKern  on

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