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Council is in the process of obtaining DA’s for the individual  lots, prior to sale – this will provide assurance to future purchasers  that the lots can be built on. They own 8 blocks on the back of “Kangaroo” Park which now have sewerage pods. (Feb. 2020 Council meeting)

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NSPA held a meeting with Council’s Recreation and Parks unit  today as a result of   the storm damage. Weather permitting, green waste from the storm will be picked up within a few days. Council will restore as much as they can along Shoreline  Dr. Council reserve on  the River.

Council is  very aware of the erosion problem along the River bank  and is developing a long term strategy plan which includes the North Shore.  However, the Road Engineers of Council will be informed of the erosion of the road on the  northern approach to  Hibbard Ferry as it could affect the integrity of the road.

Enquiries: President. Kingsley Searle M.  04 1961 5509. Committee. Narelle Milligan.M. 04 1123 6124

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NSPA ( Kingsley Searle and Narelle Milligan) met with the Council General Manager and the senior Council team involved in emergency management. Council  wanted to hear what happened on the ground with the  storm and suggestions about what they could have done better. Emergency services were involved but didn’t communicate to Council so it was two hours after the event when they heard  how serious the event was.

We requested that the SMS   is used for road closures as well. They agreed to do this.

They are participating in an Emergency Recovery project across several Councils (Federal funding) and invited the NSPA and  North Shore community to be part of the project.

In conjunction with the North Shore  Rural Fire Brigade and  NSPA, Council is working on strategies to improve communication.

Enquiries: President.  Kingsley  Searle. M. 04 1961 5509. Committee.Narelle Milligan. M. 04 1123 6124

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The Tide is running out and hasn’t come over the bank.  Mt. Seaview has had over 100mls with  water still coming down. There are small amounts of water over the roads so remember the neighbours and don’t race through, please. We’ll keep you updated as news come to hand. Trees are still dropping branches and more houses  leaks. Hibbard ferry has just come on again.

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This will be held at the North Shore Fire Shed at 6.30pm. All are welcome to attend. Please join us for light refreshments.
Election of new committee is the main priority of the agenda and nominations have been received from financial members for the Executive positions.
Join us for a “catch up” before Christmas and while the fires have died down somewhat.

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